The 50th Anniversary Sound Of Music Family Scrapbook - Autographed with Pic


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The Sound Of Music Family Scrapbook 50th Anniversary signed by Angela Cartwright who played Brigitta von Trapp in the movie and concieved of the idea for this book to tell the story of making the movie 'The Sound of Music' from the von Trapp movie kids point of view. 

This inside story of the beloved movie musical, revealed by the actors who starred as the von Trapp children was told to Fred Bronson who wrote the book. The book tells their story, both auditioning for the roles, during the filming and once the movie was released.  It features behind the scenes photography and images of memorabilia they have cherished and preserved over the years. If you ever dreamed of marching round the fountains singing 'Do Re Mi' or dressing in playclothes made from drapes, you will love this enchanting story of how seven boys and girls became a family and how the SOM 7 have kept that closeness for over 50 years. 

+ Hard cover book with dust jacket 
+ size: 10' x 11.5"
+ In the book are black & white and color photographs. Many have never been seen before. Originally published in 2011. This is an updated version of the book with beautiful full sized glossy pages.
+ INCLUDES a Sound of Music 8x10 photo of Angela on stage as Brigitta
+ The book arrives in a brown paper package tied up with string

+ The book and photograph #58 is Autographed by Angela and Personalized by Angela if you would like.
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