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Angela's Sound of Music Christmas tour 2019

If you are interested in my 2023 tour...CLICK HERE:  

My trips to Bavaria and Austria are an amazing adventure. We have fun, laughs and a great time in quaint and charming Bavaria. We visit the fabulous Christmas markets and in Salzburg we visit all the locations where I filmed the movie The Sound Of Music. We'll go places and I'll tell you stories you won't have heard on any other tour... because I was there. There will be a Q & A where you can ask me those questions you have. And there will be surprises.. 
I'm so excited to experience it all with you. Check out the pics from my past Sound of Music tours HERE.

I hope you will join me on my journey and the trip of a lifetime!  


What a new place to visit

Awesome! looked like you had fun there! thanks for the quick read and photos

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execellent read

Love the trees and landscaping of that area! what kind of trees and what were the common plants in that area you visted? Great blog btw
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Amazing photos! thanks for the blog

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Really amazing photos!

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appreciate it!

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love it

Look @ all those statues and Fences Must be nice to travel all around the world doing what you love! thank you for the inspiration!

how is the weather

how is the weather there? any tips before visiting that beautiful place? Dentist near me


what kind of concrete services did they use to line up all those statues and bridge foundation! nice photos

nice blog

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thanks again

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