My Sound of Music Christmas tour 2019

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My 2017 trip to Bavaria and Austria was amazing. We had fun, laughs and a great time in Salzburg and at all the locations where I filmed the movie The Sound Of Music. Check out the pics from that Sound of Music tour adventure HERE.
I am doing this Sound of Music tour again in 2019, but this time I am adding in the fabulous Christmas markets. We'll go places and I'll tell you stories you won't have heard on any other tour... because I was there. I'm so excited to experience it all again with you.   
Check it out here on the Craftours website: .  I hope you will join me on my journey and the trip of a lifetime!



I am so excited about all your trips this year and I will really look forward to reading your stories. Wishing you a blessed year more than you can imagine!
Alicia | concrete fort smith ar

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