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#11 Velour CD - Autographed

#11 Velour - Bill Mumy CD #11 Velour - Bill Mumy CD #11 Velour - Bill Mumy CD #11 Velour - Bill Mumy CD
#11 Velour CD - Autographed
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#11 Velour CD - Signed by Bill Mumy

Try one on and stay out of the cornfield! VELOUR is autographed and personalized if you wish, by Bill...VELOUR is Bill Mumy's latest CD 12 songs written, performed, recorded and mixed by Bill. Some rock hard and some are bare and mellow.
Includes an 8 page booklet with lyrics and info.
Inspired by acoustic based classic albums from the sixties such as Rubber Soul, Beggars Banquet, Younger Than Yesterday, John Wesley Harding, Mona Bone Jakon and Friends...

"Velour" by Bill Mumy, is an album of 12 original songs that is both sparse and full, both intimate and aggressive with minimal yet full production values. Mumy's never rocked harder than he does on "Its Always Something" and he's never been more laid bare than he is on "Intimate". The album harkens back sonically with jangling Rickenbacker 12 strings and biting Telecasters, yet returns to acoustic guitar and piano often at its core. Mumy was an integral part of pop culture in the sixties and he's crafted a contemporary honest album with a foundation firmly laid in the past. Try on "Velour". We're sure you'll find It very comfortable.

From Global Recording Artist Mastered by Karl Anderson
Photographs by Eileen Mumy. Artwork and design by Angela Cartwright. 

Autographed by Bill Mumy.