I'm off on my Sound Of Music tour in Austria and Bavaria....Any orders you place will be fulfilled upon my return on December 10th.  
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2019 Dolls Of The Cornfield Calendar


+ Bill Mumy's 2019 calendar Dolls of the Cornfield
+ 8.5 x 13 when hanging up

     My daughter, Liliana, is now 24 years old and no longer lives at home. When she was a young girl, like many other young girls, she enjoyed collecting Barbie dolls.  She occasionally played hard with them having seen her older brother Seth, play rough with his super hero action figures.  As the years and childhood passed, Liliana abandoned the majority of her Barbies and was ready to toss them out.
     I thought they were cool. They were mostly in too harsh a condition to gift to others, so I placed the majority of them in our Carrotwood tree in our backyard and the remaining others in a few garden plants where they have remained, untouched, for over a decade.
     These photographs, I recently took, are a testimony to the effects of how the California weather has affected the dolls over the many years of them being outside and exposed to the elements. 
     I have not moved or manipulated them in any way.
     I find them to be disturbingly beautiful.

Bill Mumy
Laurel Canyon,   Los Angeles, CA  2018