#307 Big Boss Bundle-It's Madness

#307 Big Boss Bundle-It's Madness

#307 Big Boss Bundle – Its Madness or It's a Mad, Mad World...
Total Madness prevails in this vintage filled bundle of maddening paraphernalia!  
+ First, it’s a copy of LOUSED UP IN SPACE, the 6 page comic adventures of the Boobinsons that appeared in MAD Magazine.  Illustrated by Mort Drucker and written by Dick De Bartolo a treasure for the Lost In Space fan.. Signed by Bill and Angela.
+ After the Mad Magazine was released the cast of Lost In Space decided to recreate their Boobinson image of themselves in an exclusive color 5 x 7 photograph. Not only is this pic hiliarious, its the perfect companion to the Mad Magazine comic.  No home should be without! Signed by Bill and Angela.
+ An original vintage 8x10 glossy photograph from the Academy Award nominated Stanley Kramer film Bless The Beasts and Children - signed by Bill
+ A try to keep your eyes in your head red dress modeling photograph - signed by Angela 
+ A wild, one of a kind original drawing of who knows what - created and signed by Bill
+ An original coterie watercolor sketch - signed by Angela (This piece of art is drawn on a piece of Robert Urich's personal Crane card stationery, a box of which was given to Angela as a gift from his wife Heather after he passed. Robert Urich is imprinted on the reverse side of the card and Angela uses this quality card stock for her art.)
+ A Lost In Space Issue #3 comic with Jonathan Harris and Bill on the front - signed by Bill
+ A classic edition of Angela’s art magazine Pasticcio Quartz Issue 12. Signed by Angela and collaborator Sarah Fishburn. This art extravaganza is a feast for the eyes. 
+ The Mumy music CD Lockford filled with Bill’s original songs - signed by Bill
+ The rare and limited and a bit rusty Angela Cartwright fan club pin
+ Bill as Ranger Lennier in a vintage and rare 1990’s Babylon 5 trading card
+ Penny trading card - 
Signed by Angela
+ Here comes a virtual truckload of brilliant imagery delivered to your door Priority insured Mail.