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#311 Big Boss Bundle – Royal Treatment

#311 Big Boss Bundle – Royal Treatment

#311 Big Boss Bundle – Royal Treatment
The MC Chill Zone conjures up a bundle of royal heritage...
+ Lost in Space SPACE POD – signed by Bill Mumy & Angela Cartwright in Mint Condition. Never opened. You know you want it! What better transportation than a Space Pod? Look out Rover.The pod box measures 7"x 9"
+ A picture of Angela as The Princess of Space signed in silver with Dr. Smith – aka Jonathan Harris - A thing of beauty is a joy forever.
+ A picture of Bill as Lennier in Babylon 5. The things we do to put our kids through school! Many hours in makeup for Mumy. For five years! 
+ A rare issue of Lost In Space comic with Angela as The Princess of Space in a blonde wig. Read it and find out... DO blondes have more fun? Signed by Bill in blue and in red by Angela.
+ This picture has not been seen before because Angela’s father shot it on set and it was just unearthed.  Gotta love the expression on Jonathan's face. Super collectible! Signed by Angela in royal purple.
+ Mumy Music Ten Days CD… out of print and outta site! 
+ Bill’s original art of an elf type being. Cuz you know, he’s famous for that kinda stuff. Or not...
+ Angela’s original coterie art of Lady with a Crown. Suitable for framing! 
+ A Princess of Space trading card signed in silver by Angela...  Oooh! 
+ A trading card of Bill as Lennier in Babylon 5 in dark blue Hey, you can trade it for a Danny Bonaduce card if you can find one! 
+ A bonus pic signed by Angela that includes Irwin Allen's wife!
+ This package arrives by horse drawn carriage… just kidding - This package arrives priority insured mail