#313 Big Boss Mega Bundle – Big Bad Bloop-ers

#313 Big Boss Mega Bundle – Big Bad Bloop-ers

#313 Big Boss Mega Bundle – Big Bad Bloop-ers
+This mega bundle of bloopy delights begins with a super rare script scene of the oh so cool episode where Debbie the Bloop is found.  Don West calls her ‘Charlie’… Will says ‘she started as a blip and ended as a blooper’…. Penny calls her a ‘squinchy little Bloop and names her Debbie, and Maureen breaks down… All this riveting action in 3 copied pages from Bill Mumy’s original LOST IN SPACE script can be YOURS. Only here folks. Signed
+ The amazing Young Investigators Guide to Ancient Aliens hardcover 106 page book signed by Bill who is a producer on the hit Television series. Now in its 15th Season on the History Channel. 
+ A bevy of bloopy photographs starting with two of Penny with the character J5 (Lou Wagner), Bill with the Bloop (Debbie, sans her acting headgear) sitting on a stool and Penny and the Bloop screaming at an alien. All signed by Angela and Bill. Debbie refused to sign them. <bloop> <bloop> 
+ A somewhat oldie but goodie CD of Mumy Music - Carnival Sky.  Written, performed, and engineered by multi-talented Bill. Signed by Mumy
+ A turbo rare limited-edition LIS trading card signed by Angela in Purple and Bill in Orange. ALL the "officially released" Trading Cards were signed in Blue! So... Be the first in your Universe to have this super collectible! Seriously, if you are a card cat... this is blooperific and boss! 
+ The Mumy’s Official Terrific International Fan Club MOTIF keychain. Did you know there was such a thing? Well there is and it’s RARE and it can be yours. This is the ONLY one Bill had! Signed by Bill on the back!! So you won’t forget who’s fan club button it is! 
+ Angela’s mini cool (a little rusty) Fan Club button. SO RARE and all the fashion. All the bloops are wearing these in Bloopland! 
+ A Dr. Demento trading card signed by Bill. You know you are yearning for it. Fish Heads, Fish Heads loopy, bloopy, Fish Heads... 
Two…count them two photographs (maybe seen by a handful of humans on this planet). These wallet size pix of Angela are both signed and cute as can be. No wallet should be without! 
+ The coveted Dolls of the Cornfield 2019 Calendar.  These photos Bill took are oddly creepy, and you’ll want to keep them just because you like oddly creepy photos. And last year was a MUCH better year anyway. Signed. 
+ This package contains envied artwork. Bill’s thought-provoking ALIEN Presence. This original, one of a kind painting is on canvas. OoohSigned by, you guessed it, Bill
Angela’s matted No #3 Verge Art is sketched on a vintage book pageA keeper, Signed. Bloopalicios! 
+ But wait there’s more! 
A dramatic pic of 7 classic child stars. Billy Gray, Tony Dow, Johnny Crawford, Don Grady, and signed by Bill Mumy, Angela Cartwright and the bonus signature of Veronica Cartwright (Angela's sister and actress  extraordinaire.) A stellar addition to a blooper of a deal.!!!
+ Arriving by blooper mail train Priority insured Mail !