#314 Big Boss Mega Bundle – All In The Family

#314 Big Boss Mega Bundle – All In The Family

#314 Big Boss Mega Bundle – All in The Family
+ Two super cool scenes printed in full color from Bills own original 1965 Lost In Space script!  And we aren't kidding!  There's one interior scene set in the Jupiter 2 and one exterior scene at the tumbleweed campsite site. Good Golly Miss Molly!  You NEED this! WOW!
+ A DVD of Lost In Space Season 3 Volume 2. The Purple wardrobe season!  It has Extras, including Out of this World Bonus exclusive interviews with Jonathan Harris and Bill Mumy!! Ever heard of those two? They were in the show. 
+ A bevy, yes a BEVY, of SHOWBIZ photographs! Bill (previously known as "Billy") Mumy in his Star Trek Star fleet costume when he played Lt. Kellin  in DEEP SPACE NINE!  Beam this one up, right away!  
But WAIT! There's MORE!  
Oooh, the gorgeous Angela ("Ange" to a chosen few) Cartwright in her yellow dress continuity photograph from when she played Theresa Mazzetti from the movie Beyond The Poseidon Adventure! ( An Irwin Allen Production!)  
Plus, Bill as Lennier (From the planet Minbar!) in Babylon 5 
AND...Angela ("Angie" to a chosen few) as Angela Glure in Lad: A Dog! (Remember that one? You don't? Well... you SHOULD!)  Gotta love a movie with puppies... All AUTOGRAPHED for your signature satisfaction! 
 + Angela (America's Little Darling) Cartwright in her "Penny Robinson" Lost In Space spacesuit and Veronica Cartwright in her "Jemima Boone" Daniel Boone outfit! Holy Moley! Two, Two, Two Cartwright's in ONE PHOTO!  Signed by the two sisters! Be still my beating heart. 
+ A special heartwarming frame ready Original Piece of Artwork doodle of peace and love by Bill Mumy – Signed
+ An Original Piece of Artwork sketch by Angela from her Coterie collection. . (This piece of art is drawn on a piece of Robert Urich's personal high quality stationery with his name Robert Urich imprinted on the reverse side of the card. These cards were given to Angela as a gift from his wife Heather after Robert passed to usewith her art. Signed by Angela.
+ The 2020 Lost In Space calendar from Ron Gross, illustrator extraordinaire. The 2020 year is almost over, but who wants to remember it…this one you'll want to keep for the cool artwork.
+ A CD of Mumy Music – The Be Five.  A jazzy/bluesy album of original songs sung by the cast of BABYLON 5! Peter Jurasik, Claudia Christian, Andrea Katsulas, Mira Furlan and Mumy. Featuring several truly amazing guitar solos from STEVE LUKATHER! Signed by Mumy(cuz he just loves to sign stuff)
+ A Fantasy Worlds of Irwin Allen trading card of Bill as Will Robinson signed in dark moody blue!
+ A Fantasy Worlds of Irwin Allen trading card of Angela as Penny Robinson signed in green by Angela... ! Now that’s special!)  But remember, Bill was turned green in one episode of LIS, so... his green cool factor is pretty solid. ("You won't like me when I'm mad"...)
+ Be the first on your block to have the 30th anniversary Lost In Space yellow button that is all the vintage rage right now! It's already 25 years old!
+ One of our personal favorites… A print of the Lost In Space bumper sticker Lost In Space – We Planet That Way … so very clever! Signed by Bill and Angela
BUT WAIT there’s MORE!!…An amazing picture of Carroll O’Connor (Archie Bunker himself from ‘All In The Family’ in a touching scene with Angela from the film ‘Lad: A Dog.’ It’s a rare treasure to be sure, signed by Angela (America's Little Darling) Cartwright in shimmering spacey silver.
+ Delivered to the Family of your choice Priority insured Mail !