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#315 Never Fear, Big Boss Dr.Smith Bundle is here!

#315 Never Fear, Big Boss Dr.Smith Bundle is here!

#315 Big Boss Bundle–Never Fear, Big Boss Dr.Smith Bundle is here!
The MC Chill Zone present the biggest bundle EVER in honor of – HIMSELF Jonathan Harris.
+ First we have this wonderful compilation classic Lost In Space photograph. – signed by both Bill Mumy and Angela Cartwright (the original Will & Penny Robinson.). It’s INDEED super cool and includes the Robot AND the Jupiter 2.
+ Original WONDEROUS WORDS OF WIT AND WISDOM an original Lost in Space scene copied from Bill's own 1965 script The Reluctant Stowaway- Episode 1. OH JOY OH BLISS OH CREPE SUZETTE!  Signed by both Bill and Angela and signed again by Bill on the third and fourth page of the scene…OH DEAR! 
+ WE’RE GOING TO FREAK OUT TOGETHER!  The ‘Lost In Space’ comic book with Jonathan Harris on the front dancing in a scene from ‘The Promised Planet‘. And because you can never get enough of this groovy episode, we’ve included a pic of Angela dancing (dig that miniskirt and space age go go boots!) and Bill watching. He likes to watch. 
+ For you and four of your favorite freaky friends...  Five Dr Smith Fantasy Worlds of Irwin Allen trading cards, that’s right FIVE!!!  One has Bill Mumy in it and he signed it. Cuz he likes to sign. 
+ A matted No #2 Verge Art is original sketch on a vintage book page by Angelinio (as Jonathan Harris used to call Angela) . Signed! Vintage! Penny pleasingly puts pen to paper! 
+ Bills art portrait of Jonathan Harris An ORIGINAL one of a kind piece of art created by The original Will Robinson and the current Dr. Zachary Smith of the NETFLIX LOST IN SPACE series! He’s two... two... two dudes in one! And it’s all about SMITH! 
+ A folded 16 x 12 poster “Rendezvous With The Plants of Peril” by Ron Gross. Signed by Ron Gross to Bill. 006 of 500. Also Signed by both Bill & Angela. Cuz, you know... they like to sign. 
+ A comic illustration by Josh Pincus of Dr. Smith with the Robot.
+ Bills 2019 Calendar Dolls of the Cornfield.  Pretend it’s 1997, when the Jupiter 2 left earth and you have a calendar of the FUTURE! Ooooooohhhhhhh! 
+ Bill Mumy's CD Live in Concert with Dave Pearlman. Cuz you know, he makes a lot of music. Some Real Good stuff here... but no Perry Como. 
+ But just because we like Perry Como, there’s a BONUS PIC of Angela with Danny Thomas & the one and only Perry Como who appeared on The Danny Thomas Show!!! Signed by Angela. Your grandparents WILL LOVE IT!
+ A plethora of amazing pix. A signed pic of Dr. Smith hovering over Penny and Will. A somber pic of Will with Dr. Smith, a pic on the set behind the scenes, ALL SIGNED ... OH, THE PAIN... THE PAIN... 
+ Plus FOUR rarely seen if at all 5 x 7 pics. Two images of platinum Penny. One with Dr. Smith and one full length of A Penny for your thoughts! And hmmmm, what thoughts they be! AND Two pics of Bill AS Dr. Smith.  One from the original ‘Lost In Space’ and one from the NETFLIX ‘Lost In Space’  YOU CANT ESCAPE YOUR DESTINY AND HIS WAS... TO SMITH! 
Don’t be a cantankerous clump! How DARE you miss out on this Bubble Headed Bundle!!
+ Delivered to the Family of your choice Priority insured Mail !