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#316 The Mighty Bundle–Favorite Things or The Sound of Mumy 

#316 The Mighty Bundle–Favorite Things or The Sound of Mumy 

#316 The Mighty Bundle– This Bundle's Alive with the Sound of Mumy 
The maniacs at the MC Chill Zone present a brand new bundle of musically inspired memorabilia, found lurking deep in the depths of Bill and Angela’s funky trunks of vintage memories…A collection of photographs so RARE, they are still kicking… (Kinda gross and cool at the same time, right?) 

+ A Behind the scenes shot of The Sound of Music rehearsal of Do Re Mi! Forget about the take that was used in the film! This was BEFORE that! "Let's try it again, kids."
+ A visit to the Abbey photograph taken during the filming of the Sound of Music scene in Salzburg! That's in Austria! That's in Europe!  Signed by Angela
+ Bill's fully painted doodle of Cartoon Guitar Guy, signed by him and ready for a frame... or a cup of coffee or a martini sitting on top of it. Your choice!!
+ The Sound of Music party scene picture where Brigitta says “Your face is all red”. And that is what Angela wrote on it with her autograph!  Have a PARTY! 
+ A card that holds not one but FOUR roly poly Barnes & Barnes guitar picks for your own guitar pickin’ pleasure! A perfect match for your four guitars! Am I RIGHT? 
+ A truly collectible image personally signed by the 5 original movie cast when they were last together It's REAL and THIS collectible will indeed be one of your Favorite Things!  
+ Bills CD - "Live in Concert with Dave Pearlman" – signed in silver by Bill. Listen. Dig.
+ Bill's instrumental CD 'On Purpose'. Soundtracks of the novel Bill wrote with Angela 'On Purpose' ... clever... 
+ A shot taken during the 10th Anniversary of The Sound of Music in Salzburg airport the second we got off the plane.  We were handed champagne and this picture was taken. When Angela says "We" she wasn't talking about you, though. You are not in this picture. You can own this picture, but you will never be IN this picture. 
+  A notecard photo featuring Bill's beloved dog Josie B sitting by one of Bill's many guitars.  A one of a kind! The only copy known to exist!  Like, WOW!
+ A picture of Wild Bill Mumy as Lennier in "Babylon 5" (oy the makeup!) and as Will Robinson in "Lost in Space" (remember that one?) playing "Greensleeves" no doubt. 
+ A color pic taken of the 7 non Trapps at the Hollywood Show celebrating the 45th Anniversary and the book The Sound of Music Family Scrapbook. Seven! More than six! 
+ An adult Mumy picture of him playing magical Mumy music live in concert at the Chiller Con in New Jersey. What a gig! Ohh, you missed that one?  Damn... bummer, dude.
+ The very last photograph taken of all 7 Sound of Music kids photographed by renowned photographer Art Streiber for Vanity Fair. This shot was an alternative one that was in the magazine.  A true collectable. Signed by Angela. My heart wants to sing with the - - - - -  - -+ Rock and Roll Bill in 5x7 color.  No home should be without one of these. Very very important. 
+ A photo of Angela recording her album “Angela Cartwright Sings” age 7. You’ve never seen this picture before because it's from a personal proof sheet of the recording session, unearthed just for this super rare bundle!  It's truly amazing what those MC Chill Zone kids have tucked away.  I mean, this gem is from over twenty years ago! 
+ A group shot illustration of the Lost In Space gang used to publicize the exciting second season IN COLOR. Though the illustration is in black and white… Go figure.  
+ Remember Brigitta entered the Sound of Music reading a book?  Doesn't everybody? The book was John Dale and this picture shows that book and has a picture of Angela as Brigitta reading it in German.  She won't admit that she can't really read or speak German, though. Signed of course. By Angela. Not Bill. He tried to sign it, but she stopped him in the nick of time. Because it would not have made any sense for him to sign it. But then again, maybe it would have been even more collectible to crazy people. Is what it is. 
+ A copy of an original Sound of Music Call sheet. Only here will you see the fascinating call times from when the movie was being shot.  Signed by Angela…whose call time was 9:00 am by the way.  
+ WHAT??? A page from Angela’s original The Sound of Music script!  The scene when Brigitta enters the room reading a book and gets an ‘admonishing pat on the behind’…. This is classic Hollywood movie magic. Signed by Angela. Look, we know you'd all like to pat her behind, but that's not included in this bundle. Dream on...
+ Ganze abzurunden! (To top it all off)... a beautiful copy of The 55th Anniversary edition of The Sound of Music Family Scrapbook - A  new, improved and updated version signed by Angela Cartwright who played Brigitta von Trapp in the movie.
The idea for this book was conceived by Angela to tell the story of making the movie 'The Sound of Music' from the von Trapp movie kids point of view. Each cast member wrote their own recollections and updated chapters.
In the 55th Blue Cover Anniversary Edition book it features images and memorabilia they have cherished and preserved over the years. some filmed by the parents of the kids on location and behind the scenes. Beautiful full-sized glossy pages, updated information, personal tributes, photographs of personal memorabilia, NEW photographs, the Sound of Music travels and the last photograph the 7 non-Trapp cast members took together, plus so much more. 
 + That’s it folks. An unbelievable collection from the bowels of Bill and Angela’s treasure chest.
+ Delivered to the Family of your choice Priority insured Mail!