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I am off on an adventure but I have decided to keep my store open.
I always try to ship asap but if you look around and buy something I will be shipping it to you the second week of October with a surprise gift to thank you for your patience. 

cheers, Angela

Coco Bali Flower 2"

Coco Bali Flower Coco Bali Flower
Coco Bali Flower 2"
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Coco Bali Flower

The Coco Bali is a classic sola wood flower handcrafted petals and full of personality. Beautiful alone or in a bouquet. 

* dimensions: 2" 
* material: sola wood & floral wire

Sola wood grows in tropical climates. The root is cut and peeled from the tapioca plant and is sliced into thin layers to create the flowers. The entire process is done by hand. Dipping the flower in water makes the wood pliable. These flowers can be painted and unlike traditional flowers can be cherished forever.