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Emerald Sea Necklace & AC Art  ♥

Emerald Sea Necklace on art Emerald Sea Necklace Emerald Sea Necklace Emerald Sea Necklace Emerald Sea Necklace Emerald Sea Necklace
Emerald Sea Necklace & AC Art  ♥
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Emerald Sea Necklace & AC Art ♥

This special emerald natural stone necklace is on a large chunky chain. A luxury necklace with just the right pop of color, makes it the necklace for all seasons. A dazzling display of color ranging from jade to alpine green, sits on a chunky gold plated brass chain.  Although the design may be replicated, Mother nature rarely duplicates itself so each pendant on the necklace is completely unique to its wearer.

* Measurements: 17" in length, while the pendant hangs down an additional 1.5 inches
* chunky gold plated brass link chain
* a trio of natural stones with Emerald, Apatite and Pyrite
* parrot toggle clasp in the front of the necklace

✨ Emerald is considered an energy stone that is known to heal the heart both emotionally and physically. It strengthens the immune and nervous system as well as vision. Pyrite is commonly known as fool's gold, and has a magnificent luster that is somewhere between a silver and gold tone. Raw pyrite inspires creativity, protects against harm or danger as well as enhances assertive energies. Apatite is considered a manifestation stone, stimulating thoughts and ideas as well as drawing off negative energy.