Mi Disc Pendant-12 images


petite or grande pendant

These sterling silver pendants are a few of my favorite things and exclusively handmade using my images photographed and hand painted by me and beautifully incased in a sterling silver disc pendant.
+ archival inks and materials - clear, waterproof archival resin
+ 12 images to choose from - put your choice in the text box
+ chain: 16" 2.3 mm sterling silver oval cable chain
+ printed with archival inks and materials.
+ The image is sharp and protected by a clear, waterproof, flawless archival resin. 
+ choose your size petite or grande
      + petite round pendant is a little larger than 3/4 inch (20mm)
      + grande round pendant is approx. 1 and 3/16 inches in diameter (30mm)
+ delivery: 7-10 days to create this item especially for you.

I portrayed Brigitta vonTrapp in the movie The Sound of Music and I sang the note Mi in the song Do Re Mi ! That role and note
inspired me to design my exclusive Angela Cartwright Mi Collection of sterling silver jewelry. I photographed a collection of images in
Salzburg, Austria when I revisited the exact locations where we had filmed the movie The Sound of Music years before. I then hand
painted my series of black and white photographs and transformed them into my exclusive line of art.jewelry you can wear.

The Echoes collection of my hand-painted photographs I photographed in honor of my Sound of Music memories can be viewed here: