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Pasticcio QuARTz Issue 14 art magazine

Pasticcio QuARTz Issue 14 art magazine
Pasticcio QuARTz 14 Art magazine

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Pasticcio QuARTz Issue 14 art magazine
My Art magazine with my talented friend Sarah Fishburn.
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Pasticcio Quartz 14 rocks the tried and true, with book reviews, entertaining quotes, window shopping, and of course just a dash of art history to show you where it all began. Yet it's also New and Improved! Not a single one of the artists in Palais d'art has ever graced the pages of Pasticcio before. Discover new gems in our museum style gallery! Seth Apter, Lisa Hoffman, Reva Solomon, Jill Berry, Bridget Davies, September Gerety, Donald Hendricks each contributed art and articles galore! Looking for a sign? We'll even get your dormant sign-making knack in gear!

+ PASTICCIO is a pioneer in the next wave of a dynamic arts publication arena; it's much more than a zine, it has evolved into a QUARTZ: a QUality ART Zine! A veritable treasure trove in an 8.5 x 8.5 package.

All copies of Pasticcio Quartz can be purchased here: https://www.lulu.com/spotlight/cartwrightandfishburn

Angela Cartwright & Sarah Fishburn of the books In This House - A Collection of Altered Art Imagery and Collage Techniques and In This Garden - Explorations in Mixed Media Visual Narrative collaborated yet again to create the Quality Art Zine - Pasticco quARTz.

pas•tic•cio n. pă•stē'chō,•chē•ō A work or style produced by borrowing fragments, ingredients, or motifs from various sources; a potpourri.