I'm off on my Sound Of Music tour in Austria and Bavaria....Any orders you place will be fulfilled upon my return on December 10th.  
cheers, Angela

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On Purpose 6 x 9 paperback book with signature


ON PURPOSE paperback version of the fantasy adventure book written by Angela Cartwright & Bill Mumy
The Devil seeks revenge against an old adversary. His weapons of choice? 
The stolen imaginations of mortal children. This is the story of those caught in the crossfire. 

+ Paperback version of the novel 243 pages
INCLUDES: the 6x9 book/ Angela's signature / Bill Mumy signature if you choose for additional charge
+ Signed by Angela Cartwright and personalized if you wish
+ 12 of the original illustrations in black and white conceived and painted by Angela included in this version of the book
+ A download card code with 27 original instumental songs composed and performed by Bill Mumy

+ In the text box fill in the name to personalize to someone
+ Or Leave the text box blank for signature only and no personalization

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