sitting room pendant

Item Description

These sterling silver pendants are a few of my favorite things and exclusively handmade using my images photographed and hand painted by me and beautifully incased in a sterling silver pendant.

+ image: Sitting Room
+ sterling silver round pendant
+ archival inks and materials - clear, waterproof archival resin
+ chain: 16" 2.3 mm sterling silver oval cable chain
+ printed with archival inks and materials.
+ The image is sharp and protected by a clear, waterproof, flawless archival resin. 
+ choose your size petite or grande
      + petite round pendant is a little larger than 3/4 inch (20mm)
      + grande round pendant is approx. 1 and 3/16 inches in diameter (30mm)

+info: I photographed and hand painted this image of Mirabel Gardens. The von Trapp kids run throughout these gardens while singing the song Do Re Mi. You can see the Pegasus Fountain and Do Re Mi steps in the background. 

I portrayed Brigitta vonTrapp in the movie The Sound of Music and I sang the note Mi in the song Do Re Mi ! That role and note inspired me to design my exclusive Angela Cartwright Mi Collection of sterling silver jewelry. I photographed a collection of images in Salzburg, Austria when I revisited the exact locations where we had filmed the movie The Sound of Music years before. I then hand painted my series of black and white photographs and transformed them into my exclusive line of you can wear.
The Echoes collection of my hand-painted photographs I photographed in honor of my Sound of Music memories can be viewed here:

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petite or grande ss pendant