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Vintage Santos Replica cage doll


The Santos replica cage doll is hand carved and hand painted with a distressed patina that adds charm to her antique style. Articulated arms and hands for posing.

+ Height is approximately 28.5 inches tall from the top of her head to the bottom of the base.
+ Her wooden cage skirt from waist to stand is approx. 18 inches
+ Round black wood base is 7.5 inches in diameter
+ Her tin wings are removable and span 13” at their widest point.

Santos replica cage doll figures are traditionally carried in wedding, funeral or religious processions and were often elaborately dressed in exquisite gowns. After the ceremony where they were carried through the town streets in a parade, the dolls would find a prominent place in ones home or chapel. The cage beneath the figure was often used as a prayer shrine where objects, photographs and flowers were placed inside the cage. The possibilities are endless for what can be placed within the cage and how she can be 'dressed'. A popular home décor item that is a lovely addition to any style home.