Carpe Diem

I am off on an adventure but I have decided to keep my store open.
I always try to ship asap but if you look around  
and buy something I will be shipping it to you the second week of October
with a surprise gift to thank you for your patience. 

cheers, Angela

Denizen #3

Denizen #3 Denizen #3-details Denizen #3-details Denizen #3-details
Denizen #3
Only 1 available
Denizen #3: 
a person who regularly frequents a place; habitué:

+ original art by Angela Cartwright
+ (this is not a print)
+ 6 images
+ substrate: paper 11" x 11"
+ house paint, acrylic, marking pencil, ICE, marking pencil
+ signature on front
+ You are adopting this original piece of art but the copyright stays with Angela Cartwright
+ Watermark does not appear on the item