Carpe Diem

I am off on an adventure but I have decided to keep my store open.
I always try to ship asap but if you look around  
and buy something I will be shipping it to you the second week of October
with a surprise gift to thank you for your patience. 

cheers, Angela

Jungle Fever Candle

Jungle Fever Candle Jungle Fever Candle
Jungle Fever Candle
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Jungle Fever Candle

Energize and awaken. This fresh fragrance brings to mind a walk through an untouched jungle filled with bamboo and sweet jasmine. 

+ Scent Notes: jasmine. bamboo. cedarwood. fresh greens
+ Wax color - light green
+ Detail: green leaf (details may vary from the image shown)
+ Hand poured premium 100% soy wax and high-quality fragrance, formulated so the candle burns cleanly and evenly.
+ Reusable 12 oz. glass jar with lid.
+ Approximate burn time 214 hours
+ Don't forget to trim the wick each time before lighting for a clean maximum burn.
+ Shipping only within the USA at this time