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Your Signed Memorabilia

Your Signed Memorabilia

personalized if you wish

Your Signed Memorabilia
Angela Cartwright , Bill Mumy & Veronica Cartwright will happily sign items that you send to us for their signature.
It is $40.00 for each signature on each item you would like signed.

Check the appropriate dropdown box. If you would like more than one signature on an item you can add it by clicking Your Signed Memorabilia in the shopping cart which will return you to this page to add additional signature. Follow the directions below to make sure your item arrives safely and is signed where you would like it signed. 

* Include a note in your package with personalization information. If you would like only a signature, or if you would like your item personalized.  If you have a preference on where you would like your item to be signed, please clearly state your wishes.  If each item has a postette attached to it with your directions, there is less chance of an error. 

* Include return postage when you ship your item/s. The amount of postage you include will be what is used to return your items. Please include the correct amount for the safe return of your item/s. 

* If you state a color ink you prefer for the signature we will try our best to accomadate your request or include a marker or pen if you wish. Your item will be signed and returned as soon as possible, in the package in which it was recieved, using the postage and return label you have enclosed.  We take great care of any items you have sent to us for a signature, however, you are responsible for any items you send and the return postage cost. 

* Please note only colored index cards will be signed with colored ink. Signatures are not available on a white index card with black or blue ink.

A Cartwright Studio / Alvarado
915 S. Alvarado Street
Los Angeles, CA. 90006  USA

* Orders are fulfilled through ALVARADO PAINT and this will appear on your credit card / PayPal
Once you have sent your item to us, drop us an email at to let us know its on the way.
Shipment is usually within 2 -3 weeks. We will let you know if there is a  hold up because of their working schedule.